Libra Baby Horoscope

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Symbol - The Balances
Ruling Planet - Venus
Birthstone - Opal
Lucky Flower - Cosmos
Lucky Color - Yellow

The Libra personality

The Libra child likes justice. He or it is a sensitive person and likes to be protected against the unhappy ones from the life, at the same time the contents of living with illusions. Libra child likes the beauty, the colors, the music and arts. If not talent in arts, it or it will be deeply to appreciate them. Libras often show a great feeling of sympathy towards people and are goods to use tact. A Libra baby is likely to be an attentive listener who shows a true compassion for the others.

Libra children seem to learn as well as possible from the experiment and the intuition, which is surprisingly developed. These Libra babies are generally beautiful or beautiful, like if their hearts innate to find his expression in physics.

Be ready to give to your Libra kid artistic environment and an education in the field of arts. Helps to face him the things as they are and to learn that the reality of the things is often different from their appearances. Libra baby must learn the law from cause for purpose, that any life is relation, which is the lesson of the Libras, symbolized by the sign of the Libra.

Libra children are most compatible with the sign of the Aries and Leo.