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Symbol - The Scorpion
Ruling Planet - Mars
Birthstone - Topaz
Lucky Flower - Chrysanthemum
Lucky Color - Red

The Scorpio personality

Your child the " Scorpio " like to live in a world of truths. A child who have Scorpio birth sign to visualize the completion and the realization of his mental and physical efforts. He or it has an interior vision of the heart which can see beyond the illusion. Scorpio baby tend to be secret, and others must gain their confidence. Scorpio children are known for their effervescent humor and their attraction, these Scorpio kids are most magnetic of all the children of this zodiac sign, often to attract the admiration of the opposite sex. They fast and are agitated and tireless workers.
Because of their great energy and the force, Scorpio baby should be taught the difference between constructive and be able in destruction. They should be taught the self-control and be carefully direction so that their formidable energy and the dynamism is channeled in the creative activity. The Scorpio child must as be taught as of more the young age as their proof of comprehension, just as the comprehension and of compassion to being shown.

Scorpio child is gifted in the activities of promotion, of the writing, design, modeling, and to act.