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Birthday Horoscope for August 24

If your Birthday is August 24 and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Venus
Lucky colours: White & cream, rose & pink
Lucky gems: Diamond, white sapphire, quartz crystal
Lucky days: Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78

People born on August 24 are blessed with a sharp and questioning mind that is at its best when untangling mysteries, uncovering the truth or making new discoveries. They don’t like to take anything at face value, and even the opinions of experts or their most trusted friends will not stop them searching through the evidence to catch what others might have missed and to discover their version of the truth.

Their questioning mind makes them hard to manipulate, and people may rely heavily on them for advice and insight. Indeed, they often have a reputation for being someone whose opinion and approval others can trust. They could be said to mistrust anything or anyone that appears simple or straightforward, so strong is their belief that hidden complexities lie beneath the surface. Paradoxically, although their self-image is of being very simple and direct, what they do not realize is that they are just as complex as the subjects of their investigation, if not more so. Although they never miss the facts, they can have a tendency to miss out in their observations what is subtle or unspoken, and their accuracy and creativity would be enhanced if they learned to develop their intuition.

Until the age of twenty-nine there is an emphasis in their lives on practicality and efficiency, but after the age of thirty there is a turning point when they may focus on relationships and opportunities to develop their latent creative potential. They need to take advantage of these opportunities, using sharp-witted intellectual skills and their creative potential, as these will boost their chances of success professionally and personally.

Throughout their lives, intense inner forces may cause them to alternate between extremes of uncertainty and a sense of being special. If they can cultivate positive thinking, trust their deeper intuition and learn to manage worry positively, these gifted and astute discoverers, who leave no stone unturned in their quest for knowledge, have the potential to enrich the lives of others with the fruits of their observations.

Say yes to: Inner drives, communication, sensuality

Don't give in to: Belligerence, selfish motives, pettiness

You share your birthday with: Max Beerbohm, Aubrey Beardsley, Richard Cardinal Cushing, Jorge Luis Borges,Jean Michael Jarre, Cal Ripken Jnr and Marlee Matlin.

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