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Birthday Horoscope for August 4

If your Birthday is August 4 and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

Personal ruling planets: Sun, Uranus
Lucky colours: Electric blue, electric white, multi-colours
Lucky gems: Hessonite garnet, agate
Lucky days: Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76

Those born on August 4 are rebellious free spirits who definitely prefer to take the path less traveled, even if there is nothing really wrong with the path everyone else seems to be taking. Their intense dislike of being restrained in any way, combined with their hatred of complacency and the unthinking acceptance of the status quo, often leads them to behave, think, act, or dress somewhat perversely or to defend unconventional opinions.

These people are intelligent, compassionate and strong-willed, and their resistance to any kind of restraint endows them with radical and pioneering potential. When they channel their energies positively they have the ability to enlighten and enliven others, but others should be very careful not to challenge their need for independence because autonomy of thought is of the utmost importance to them. So averse are they to submitting to the authority or directions of others that from an early age they may reject well-intentioned attempts to help them, fearing that some sinister motive lurks behind people’s helpful exterior. Taken to an extreme, this can make them fiercely independent but also incredibly lonely figures.

From childhood, people born on this day are likely to have enjoyed being at the center of things. At the age of eighteen, however, they enter a thirty-year period during which there are opportunities for them to become more conscientious, thoughtful, discriminating, and efficient in their working environment. They need to take advantage of these opportunities to learn the art of diplomacy and compromise, as this will make life much easier.

When they are forty-eight they will reach another turning point that puts the emphasis on creativity and relationships. If, throughout their lives, they can learn to distinguish between independence and self-sabotaging behavior—being perverse for the sake of it—they will find that instead of becoming misunderstood, restless loners, they have the potential to become responsible rebels on whom others know they can depend for inspiration, guidance and radical but always exceptional insight.

Say yes to: Quiet times, progress, sensitivity

Don't give in to: Rash decisions, idle promises, egotism

You share your birthday with: Arbaz Khan, Abey Kuruvilla, Tiffany Evans, P. B. Shelley, Knut Hamsun, Louis Armstrong, Billy Bob Thornton and Kerstin Linnartz.

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