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Birthday Horoscope for August 8

If your Birthday is August 8 and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

Personal ruling planets: Sun, Saturn
Lucky colours: Deep blue, black
Lucky gems: Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, amethyst
Lucky days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71

Other people tend to think that success comes easily to people born on August 8 because they appear to be naturally good at everything they do. Their success, however, is the result of their sharp intellect and strong work ethic. It is also a result of their exceptional versatility and ability to learn new skills from scratch.

Although they are versatile and will probably play many roles and sample many careers in their lives, they are not flighty by nature. Quite the opposite, in fact; when they are engaged in a particular project their focus is intense and their discipline inspirational. It is just that when they have learned all they feel they can learn or gained the recognition they feel they deserve, they like to move on to the next challenge, even if it is totally unrelated to the one they devoted themselves to previously. This ability to change direction and immerse themselves in different projects both confuses and surprises others, especially when these people change direction when they appear to be at the height of their success or capability.

Until the age of forty-four there is an emphasis in their lives on order, problem solving and being more discriminating with their time and energy. It is particularly important during this period that their versatility does not lead them to make career or life choices that are unrealistic or simply unsuitable. After the age of forty-four there is a significant turning point which stimulates their need for balance and harmony, and heightens their awareness of partnerships and relationships in general.

During this period in their lives the key to their happiness will be to develop more emotional depth and find ways to stamp their individuality on the world around them. Having said that, they should not try to suppress their characteristic versatility because, once they find a cause that is worthy of them, their affinity with diversity and love of fresh challenges will continue to be the key to their success.

Say yes to: Forgiveness, sensitivity, imagination

Don't give in to: Saying "I told you so," a superior attitude, bitterness

You share your birthday with: Roger Federer, Keith Carradine, Arthur J. Goldberg, Rory Calhoun, Dustin Hoffman, Larry Wilcox, Sable, Mark Wills and Toby Allen.

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