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Birthday Horoscope for December 27

If your Birthday is December 27 and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn

Personal ruling planets: Saturn, Mars
Lucky colours: Red, maroon, scarlet, autumn tones
Lucky gems: Red coral, garnet
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72

People born on December 27 may give the impression of being sturdy and strong on the outside, but on the inside they have a heart of pure gold. Although they can be stubborn at times, they are life’s givers, not takers. They also have a heroic side to them and will be the first to rush to offer their support or help when someone is in trouble.

These people set incredibly noble standards for themselves and are giving to the point of self-sacrifice. They pride themselves on being kind, thoughtful and compassionate human beings who will always do the right thing or offer their support if it is needed. However, because their goodwill makes it hard for them to refuse any request, they may become overburdened with problems that aren’t their own. Their generosity and good-natured charm may win them many admirers, but underneath they can often be plagued by self-doubts and silent frustration. Part of the reason for their insecurity is that they can feel torn between their strong feelings of personal responsibility and the need for time and space to pursue their own interests.

Until the age of twenty-four they will often have a very goal-orientated, practical approach to life; but after the age of twenty-five there is a shift in emphasis, and opportunities will be presented to them to develop their individuality. It is important that they take advantage of these because only when they are able to reconcile their desire to help others with their desire to find personal fulfillment can they unlock their remarkable potential.

At first those who live and work with these people may find it unsettling to see them becoming more independent, but it is absolutely crucial that they don’t allow this to unsettle them. They only have to make the effort to strike out on their own and pay attention to what they want to achieve in life to perform miracles, rise to the top of their career, and achieve long-lasting success while maintaining the respect and affection of those around them.

Say yes to: Selectivity, romance, belief in the future

Don't give in to: Foolishness, temptation, inattentiveness

You share your birthday with: Salman Khan, Johannes Kepler, Louis Pasteur, Marlene Dietrich, William H. Masters, Eva Larue and Lisa Jakub.

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