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Birthday Horoscope for July 10

If your Birthday is July 10 and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

Personal ruling planets: Moon, Sun
Lucky colours: Copper, gold
Lucky gem: Ruby
Lucky days: Sunday, Monday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 1, 10, 19, 28, 37, 46, 55, 64, 73, 82

People born on July 10 learn lessons from the successes and defeats of those around them and plot their actions accordingly. Others may regard them as passive but they’re not; they’re steady and purposeful, only making a move when certain it will be successful or well received.

Sensitive to everything going on around them, once they have secured the background data they need for the best chance of success, they will embark on the quest to realize their goals with tenacity and determination, drawing upon their intellectual and organizational skills. Although motivation and perseverance are vital to their success, they are also quick learners with the self-confidence to be flexible in their approach.

People born on this day may often lead modest, steady lives but they are neither predictable nor dull. Quite the opposite; when people get to know them better, everything about them has the potential to surprise. For example, they are never afraid to speak their mind but when they do it is with tact and sensitivity. They may also surprise others with their incisive wit or devote their considerable energy to one specific goal, stepping aside at the last minute to allow others to take the credit. At certain points in their lives, their early forties especially, they are also likely to astonish people with a total change of lifestyle, but even though the change may come as a shock to others, to themselves it will all be part of a well-planned strategy.

It’s not that they don’t like to be in the limelight; they do. It’s just that they will only step into it if it serves a purpose or highlights a cause they are promoting. Others may sometimes see them as shy and sensitive but beneath lies a steely determination to succeed that will reveal itself when the time is right. When they finally do decide to invest their energy into a worthy cause, everyone will wonder how they could have underestimated the creative and dynamic energy of this dark horse hiding behind a mild-mannered exterior.

Say yes to: Dynamic change, generosity, positive energy

Don't give in to: Manipulation, gossip, bad manners

You share your birthday with: Sunil Gavaskar, Aloknath, John Calvin, J.M.Whistler, Marcel Proust, Saul Bellow, David Brinkley, Adrian Grenier and Jessica Simpson.

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