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Birthday Horoscope for July 16

If your Birthday is July 16 and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

Personal ruling planets: Moon, Neptune
Lucky colours: Darker green shades
Lucky gems: Turquoise, cat's eye chrysoberyl, tiger's eye
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 7, 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79

People born on July 16 tend to have an impulsive, passionate nature. They dream adventurous and exciting dreams and more often than not these come true. Once they are inspired, their energy and enthusiasm is without equal, but they have another side, their logical side. This unusual combination of passion and logic makes them interesting, unusual and exceptional.

The demeanor of these people can be down to earth and pragmatic, but despite this they never lose sight of their dreams and passions. Whatever life path they choose, there will always be a conflict between their logic and their impulses, and this will come across in words that are rational but presented passionately or behavior that is impulsive but explained logically. When their logic and passion are in harmony, with neither gaining the upper hand, they are likely to feel at their happiest; but when one is more dominant than the other it can lead to unhappiness. For example, they may try to repress their emotions by becoming obsessive in their behavior; or they may try to bury their logic and become unrealistic or unfocused in their approach.

For the first thirty-five years of their lives people born on this day will often grow in confidence and capability; these are the years when emotions are most likely to take the lead. After the age of thirty-six, however, there is a shift toward logic and reason, and they are likely to have a more practical and discriminating attitude, with service to others becoming a more important part of their lives. After the age of sixty-six there is an emphasis on harmony and balance between the two conflicting sides of their personality.

The key to success and happiness for people born on this day is to allow neither their rational nor their impulsive side to take the lead. If they can find a way to balance the two, they will find that they have within them outstanding potential not just to achieve their own dreams but also to bring excitement into the lives of others.

Say yes to: A joyful heart, fortitude, direction

Don't give in to: Isolation, a lack of commitment, feeling blue

You share your birthday with: Katrina Kaif, Shaun Pollock, Will Ferell, Mary Baker Eddy, Barbara Stanwyck, Ginger Rogers, Corey Feldman and Jerry Doyle.

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