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Birthday Horoscope for July 21

If your Birthday is July 21 and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

Personal ruling planets: Moon, Jupiter
Lucky colours: Yellow, lemon, sandy shades
Lucky gems: Yellow sapphire, citrine quartz, golden topaz
Lucky days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57 , 66, 75

Those born on July 21 are not afraid to go where no man or woman has ever gone before. Highly dynamic and innovative, their curiosity and understanding of what motivates others make them extremely good at assessing people and situations, and this unique combination of shrewdness and daring ambition draws both success and controversy their way.

Above all, they love being on the cutting edge of innovative projects and activities, possessing the vitality and ambition to be successful in creative endeavors. They move fast and usually prefer to be in the thick of battle rather than sitting on the sidelines. They tend to aim high and, even if things don’t always work out exactly as planned, their jovial optimism and tragicomic sense of humor act as a buffer, providing them with a resilience that is second to none.

The drama and controversy of opposite points of view appeal greatly to the daring nature of these individuals. They make great debaters and conversationalists because they can see both sides of the argument. They love excitement, conflict and explosive situations, and are likely to be attracted to action games, racing cars, theme-park rides, diving, or any high-energy adrenalin-pumping situation that provides drama and demands courage. Until the age of thirty there are many opportunities for them to develop their strength, creativity and confidence; these are the years during which they need to make sure their love of thrill-seeking does not encourage them to stir up trouble for the sake of it. After the age of thirty their focus will change to a more pragmatic and rational approach, with a desire for a life that is still very fast moving, but slightly more settled and orderly.

The greatest strengths of these people are to be found in their daring creativity and courage, and in their generosity and empathy toward others. Sometimes these qualities will combine and result in a rare and talented individual who can be counted among the most dynamic but also the most understanding of all people.

Say yes to: Acceptance, flamboyance, happy pastimes

Don't give in to: Destructive behavior, bad moods, fatalism

You share your birthday with: Anand, Bakshi, Suresh Berry, Josh Hartnett, Robin Williams, Justin Bartha, Hart Crane, Ernest Hermingway, Marshall McLuhan, Isaac Stern, Robin Williams, Paul Brandt, Ali Landry and Josh Hartnett.

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