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Birthday Horoscope for July 25

If your Birthday is July 25 and your Zodiac Sign is Leo

Personal ruling planets: Sun, Neptune
Lucky colours: Darker green shades
Lucky gems: Turquoise, cat's eye chrysoberyl, tiger's eye
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 7 , 16, 25, 34, 43, 52, 61, 70, 79

Those born on July 25 are motivated by a passionate desire to realize their progressive ideals. Whatever their motivation may be–professional recognition or the accumulation of wealth–they will always strive to do the right thing, their actions always being governed by a personal code of conduct that forbids them from doing anything that disadvantages others.

These people have a code of honor or a set of strongly held principles which they live by. These principles give them a sense of purpose and are more important to them than success itself. They are more interested in the reasons for a person’s behavior than the outcome of their actions, and winning and losing matters less to them than discipline, integrity and sincerity. Those who are success orientated may find this approach to life limiting, but to people born on this day it is liberating because it means that no experience, even the ones they fail in, is ever wasted.

With much to teach others, they have the potential to be a shining example of maturity and integrity, but curiously they are often unwilling to ask for the same level of honest commitment from others as they are willing to give themselves. This is because personal integrity is their guiding force in life and they believe that this must be the same for others. Unfortunately this approach can be a little na%20ive and they may find that others often disappoint them or let them down.

After the age of twenty-eight they are likely to develop their analytical skills and to become more practical, discerning and efficient. It is important during this period that they don’t become too perfectionist in their approach because it will block their creativity. In fact throughout their lives they need to be a little less harsh on themselves because if they learn to be more accepting of themselves they will find that it isn’t just their integrity that makes others smile with appreciation; it is also their creativity charm and unwavering devotion to their remarkably progressive vision.

Say yes to: Good deeds, sociability, progress

Don't give in to: Attitude problems, dishonesty, fear of failure

You share your birthday with: Raageshwari, Brad Renfro, Matt LeBlanc, Walter Brennan, Eric Hoffer, Matt LeBlanc and Brad Renfro.

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