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Birthday Horoscope for July 2

If your Birthday is July 2 and your Zodiac Sign is Cancer

Personal ruling planets: Moon
Lucky colours: Cream, white, green
Lucky gems: Moonstone, pearl
Lucky days: Monday, Thursday, Sunday
Lucky numbers: 2, 11, 20, 29, 38, 47, 56, 65, 74

People born on July 2 are deeply intuitive and imaginative individuals with the ability to utilize their marked determination, organizational skills and tenacity to great effect. They may however, have often felt overwhelmed by their own emotional intensity and the key to their success or failure is the way they choose to deal with it.

They are also defined by their extraordinary sensitivity, a quality that leads them to empathize with those around them–especially those less fortunate and which arouses in them strong feelings of natural justice that they are inclined to champion. They have a knack of reaching out to others and making them feel like family, but although their public persona is often colorful and capable, they may be plagued by private insecurities. They also constantly support friends and co-workers but find it hard to accept the support and praise they richly deserve from others.

It is important for them to get to grips with their fragile feelings and understand what motivates their self-sabotaging behavior; building their self-esteem is a crucial requirement for their psychological growth. Until the age of twenty they may be reserved but after the age of twenty-one they have opportunities to become more dynamic, positive and self-assured. They need to take advantage of these; if they do, their confidence will extend over the next thirty years, helping them achieve the positions of leadership or authority for which they are well qualified. After the age of fifty they become more discriminating and may desire to be practically useful and inspirational to others.

People born on this day can get carried away with unfounded emotions and fantasies either leading to introversion and an inability to express themselves, or to an exuberance that sometimes alarms others with its intensity. If, however, they can devote more time and energy to self-examination, looking at the effect their behavior has on themselves and others, they will find ways to balance their emotions, and this new-found stability will bring them greater happiness, success and fulfillment.

Say yes to: Spirituality, financial acumen, integrity

Don't give in to: Stinginess, lack of imagination, stubbornness

You share your birthday with: Mohd Aziz, Charles Laughton, William Syler, Leslie Caron, Imelda Marcos, Jerry Hall and Yancy Butler.

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