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Birthday Horoscope for November 22

If your Birthday is November 22 and your Zodiac Sign is Scorpio

Personal ruling planets: Jupiter, Uranus
Lucky colours: Electric blue, electric white, multi-colours
Lucky gems: Hessonite garnet, agate
Lucky days: Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 4, 13, 22, 31, 40, 49, 58, 67, 76

Even as a child, people born on November 22 will often have felt that they thought differently from other people. They are always slightly ahead, with a desire to free themselves from authority or conventional thinking.

These people like to make their own rules and they aren’t that bothered about what other people think of them. Although these liberated people are like a breath of fresh air when it comes to challenging restrictive or unimaginative thinking, wherever they encounter it, their rebellious, provocative nature can get them into a lot of trouble. It is important for their psychological growth and professional success that they learn to be more tactful, reading their audience better for clues as to the appropriate level of intensity. If they don’t, they will be branded as troublemakers.

Not surprisingly, given their free-thinking nature, these people work best independently in situations that give them lots of room for creative choice. In the right kind of environment they can be a powerful force for good, coming up with creative and innovative solutions to improve the welfare of those around them. In the wrong kind of environment—and this tends to be one that is structured or unchallenging—their provocative approach can, however, create tension and unrest.

Until they reach the age of twenty-nine they will want to expand their horizons and seek out opportunities through new ventures, study or travel. After the age of thirty, however, there is a turning point when they are likely to become more practical and realistic; these are the years when they are most likely to realize their professional goals. Ironically, because they love challenge so much, they may find in the thirties and beyond that despite achieving great success they pine for the time when anything in life seemed possible. The key to their success will be their ability to set themselves new goals and dream up new ideas to challenge and reinvent themselves. If they can do this, they will unlock the outstanding potential for personal fulfillment and happiness associated with this birthday.

Say yes to: Redemption, karma, strength

Don't give in to: Procrastination, nihilism, divisiveness

You share your birthday with: Saroj Khan, George Eliot, Franz Hartmann, Andre Gide, Charles de Gaulle, Hoagy Carmichael, Geraldine Page, Robert Vaughn, Jamie Lee Curtis, Mariel Hemingway, George Robert Gissing and Scott Robinson.

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