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Birthday Horoscope for November 26

If your Birthday is November 26 and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

Personal ruling planets: Jupiter, Saturn
Lucky colours: Deep blue, black
Lucky gems: Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, amethyst
Lucky days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday
Lucky numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71

The free-thinking individuals born on November 26 would appear to have the world at their feet. Not only are they charismatic and intelligent, they are also creative, multi-talented and capable of excelling in just about any profession they choose.

Despite their incredible versatility, they may have felt from an early age that they were somehow different or removed from their fellow human begins. Part of the problem is that because they have so many talents and such an inquisitive mind, too many paths are open to them so choosing one becomes a daunting task. They may also struggle to reconcile their practical, logical orientation with the part of them that is highly creative and imaginative. At various points in their life they will lurch between these two extremes, but happiness and fulfillment can only be found when they are able to balance the two.

As success-orientated people, when they are not working toward a goal they can feel restless and unsatisfied, so the sooner they decide on a path in life and set themselves targets to achieve the better. If they don’t do this, indecision, anxiety and uncertainty will submerge their huge potential.

Up to the age of twenty-five there may be a lot of experimentation regard ing their career, as they focus on adventure, creativity and opportunity; but after the age of twenty-six they start to become more practical, goal orientated and realistic in their aims. This is a positive development, as long as they make sure they don’t lose touch with their imagination and creative fire. Another turning point occurs at the age of fifty-six when expressing their individuality takes center stage. Hopefully, however, they will have realized far earlier in life that the key to their success is to celebrate and make full use of their uniqueness rather than try to hide it. They have been right all along; there is and never will be anybody quite like them with their unique talents, original perspective, and courage and determination to prove everyone wrong by achieving their fantastic aims.

Say yes to: A joyful heart, rewards, adaptability

Don't give in to: Intolerance, pessimism, regrets

You share your birthday with: Arjun Rampal, Charles Schulz, George Segal, Robert Goulet, Tina Turner, Lorissa McComas and Tammy Lynn Michaels.

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