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Birthday Horoscope for November 27

If your Birthday is November 27 and your Zodiac Sign is Sagittarius

Personal ruling planets: Jupiter, Mars
Lucky colours: Red, maroon, scarlet, autumn tones
Lucky gems: Red coral, garnet
Lucky days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday
Lucky numbers: 9, 18, 27, 36. 45, 54, 63, 72

People born on November 27 are vortexes of energy, enthusiasm, and excitement. Fiercely individualistic, they go where their imagination leads them, preferring to seek out knowledge and truth for themselves and then formulating their own opinions and plans. The only trouble with this wildly spontaneous approach is that they often have no idea in which direction they are heading, and their enthusiasm tends to overwhelm their common sense.

They are not afraid to listen to their instincts, and although this intuitive approach can bring them spectacular success it can also lead to disappointments and rejection. It is important for them to learn to distinguish between intuition and wishful thinking, and the only way to do that is to try to understand themselves better and to take a more realistic view of situations before they decide to throw themselves in at the deep end. Although they will encounter setbacks along the way, they are remarkably resilient, possessing a buoyant spirit in the face of adversity. However, their self-reliance can also work against them; they are extremely proud and don’t like to ask for help. This significantly decreases their chances of success.

Until the age of twenty-four they will probably keep their career options open, preferring to experiment, travel or study to broaden their horizons. However, around the age of twenty-five there is a turning point when they are likely to become more pragmatic, focused and orderly in order to realize their goals. Another turning point occurs around the age of fifty-five when they may feel a growing urge to be more adventurous and independent.

Whatever age they are, however, the secret to unlocking their potential for success and happiness will be their ability to control the powerful energy within them and direct it to a worthy cause. Once they are able to do that—and to ask for help and advice along the way—they will still be vortexes of dynamic energy and originality but this time they will be vortexes who know where they are heading, and that is usually to the very top.

Say yes to: Due process, deliberation, encouragement

Don't give in to: Superficial friendships, combativeness, conceit

You share your birthday with: Himalaya, Paul Brunton, James Agee, Jimi Hendrix, Bruce Lee, Michael Vartan and Brooke Langton.

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