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Birthday Horoscope for September 12

If your Birthday is September 12 and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Jupiter
Lucky colours: Yellow, lemon, sandy shades
Lucky gems: Yellow sapphire, citrine quartz, golden topaz
Lucky days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75

People born on September 12 have bags of charisma, energy and strong ideals. They are also blessed with a strong desire to share their knowledge with the less fortunate and to encourage others to be the best that they can be. Excellent motivators, these are the people others tend to look up to and admire.

Driven by a desire to motivate, serve and educate others, they can fight hard and long for a cause they believe in. They rarely lack courage and are unfailingly responsive to the needs of friends, family and those less fortunate than themselves. Others tend to look to them for encouragement and support, and if their leadership skills are not advanced they will align themselves with someone powerful. At some point in their lives, however, they need to determine whether their desire to encourage and boost others is rooted in a deep-seated need to control rather than inspire. If it is the former, they run the risk of becoming a dictator or being ruled by one; but if it is the latter, their potential to positively shape the thoughts and behavior of others is extraordinary.

Until the age of forty they may find that their energies are directed toward chasing popularity; as a result they may overload themselves with work and commitments. During these years they will learn a lot about their motivations through close relationships with others. After the age of forty, however, there is a powerful turning point that will highlight the importance for them of evaluating what their unique contribution to the world will be. These are the years when they are likely to be more discerning.

Whatever age they are, however, they should realize that listening to their inner voice and picking and choosing to whom and what they want to devote their considerable talents and energies is the secret of their success. Time to reflect gives them the ability to make a real and positive difference, not just to the lives of others, but to the world around them.

Say yes to: Originality, imaginative people, accountability

Don't give in to: Showing off, need for constant approval, personal fulfillment at the expense of others

You share your birthday with: Prachi Desai, Vinod Rathod, Aditya Pancholi, Jennifer Hudson, Maurice Chevalier, Louis MacNeice, Frank McGee, Barry White, Paul Walker and Martina Ertl.

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