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Birthday Horoscope for September 21

If your Birthday is September 21 and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Jupiter
Lucky colours: Yellow, lemon, sandy shades
Lucky gems: Yellow sapphire, citrine quartz, golden topaz
Lucky days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75

People born on September 21 are fascinated by all things unusual, unexpected, erratic, and, on occasion, dark. They have the wonderful ability to inject an air of mystery and suspense into even the most mundane of occasions.

Because they are hungry to learn or experience the unusual or complex, these people may be drawn to explore novel or bizarre subjects that those with less imagination would avoid. Highly sensual, they often feel compelled to seek out new sensations and to share their discoveries or viewpoints with others. Their messages are often profound but frequently misunderstood, and this can make them feel lonely and frustrated. Part of the reason others are sometimes unconvinced by their approach or theories is that they tend to lose themselves in their current obsession, leaving others with no sense of who they are and what they really believe in. It is therefore extremely important for them to try to stay true to their principles and keep a sense of personal identity.

Until the age of thirty-one they tend to gain much of their self-esteem and respect from their relationships with others, and they therefore need to learn to trust their own judgment. They also need to ensure that their sensation-seeking impulses do not lead them astray into a murky underworld of disreputable danger and strangeness. After the age of thirty-two there is an important turning point in their lives when there will be opportunities for them to feel more in control of their life. It is vital for their psychological growth that they take advantage of these opportunities to move from the passenger seat to the driving seat of their lives.

This is because once they are able to discover within themselves the mystery, wonder, sensation, and excitement that so enthralls them in the world around them, their attraction to the unconventional, new and different gives them the potential to become progressive and inspired instruments of human advancement.

Say yes to: Spiritual fulfillment, ethics, modesty

Don't give in to: Procrastination, easy answers, self-indulgence

You share your birthday with: Kareena Kapoor, Gulshan Grover, Pooja Deol, Sudha Chandran, Joseph Mazzello, H.G. Wells, Leonard Cohen, Stephen King, Bill Murray and Ricky Lake.

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