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Birthday Horoscope for September 26

If your Birthday is September 26 and your Zodiac Sign is Libra

Personal ruling planets: Venus, Saturn
Lucky colours: Deep blue, black
Lucky gems: Blue sapphire, lapis lazuli, amethyst
Lucky days: Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
Lucky numbers: 8, 17, 26, 35, 44, 53, 62, 71

Tenacity is the first name of people born on September 26 and discipline the second, but their last name is perfectionist. They demand nothing short of excellence from themselves and others, and simply cannot understand those with less drive.

The careers of these goal-orientated people are of supreme importance to them and, as a result, they often take on far too much. They possess, nevertheless, the ability to thrive under pressure and to inspire the admiration of others when they achieve what seemed to have been impossible. Not surprisingly, with such inspired ambition, determination, self-discipline, and focus, their career potential is of the highest order and more often than not they can and do rise to the very top. The downside is that their absorption in their work can become obsessive and compulsive; this is damaging to their psychological growth because it makes them ignore not only their own emotional needs, but those of their loved ones.

Before the age of twenty-six they are likely to be concerned with issues regarding money, but there will also be opportunities for them to develop strong relationships with others. They should take advantage of these opportunities because the support and company of others will help them keep a much-needed sense of perspective. After the age of twenty-seven the focus shifts to emotional change and intensity, and these are the years when they are most likely to become devoted or committed to their careers. During these years their potential for success is outstanding but for their psychological growth they need to make sure they take regular time out to ensure they nurture their relationships and find time for outside interests.

These people will always be driven, focused and occasionally bossy, but once they are able to moderate their obsession with work their tenacity and superior powers of concentration will yield results that can not only benefit others considerably but are also the subject of awed, if somewhat bemused, admiration.

Say yes to: Relaxation, peaceful heart, temperance

Don't give in to: Inhibitions, restrictive measures, false hopes

You share your birthday with: Dev Anand, Archana Puran Singh, Chunky Pandey, Serena Williams, Martin Heidegger, Pope Paul V1, George Gershwin, Olivia Newton-John, Linda Hamilton and Mark Famiglietti.

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