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Birthday Horoscope for September 3

If your Birthday is September 3 and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Jupiter
Lucky colours: Yellow, lemon, sandy shades
Lucky gems: Yellow sapphire, citrine quartz, golden topaz
Lucky days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday
Lucky numbers: 3, 12, 21, 30, 39, 48, 57, 66, 75

Those born on September 3 are remarkably determined individuals, a quality that those who do not know them well may not appreciate until a situation arises to encourage them to be more confrontational. Generally, they prefer a gentler, conciliatory approach, believing that more can be achieved through communication than combat. This personal style can be highly effective but it can cause others to underestimate them or misjudge their iron will.

They are blessed with a sharp and independent mind, and a highly developed sense of justice and fair play, as well as great technical and organizational skills. Their desire for excellence will drive them to succeed personally and professionally and, although everything about them reflects this drive for perfection, their easy-going style and unassuming personality make it hard for others to resent them.

After the age of nineteen and for the next thirty years, they will become gradually more aware of the importance of relationships and partnerships. Their creative abilities will be enhanced too during this period, and some of these highly developed people may produce work that is way ahead of its time. Unfortunately, they are not always very good at demystifying their ideas and visions, sometimes taking it for granted that others are on the same wavelength when they clearly are not. Taking the time to simplify and explain their thoughts or methods to others will make all the difference. After the age of forty-nine there is a turning point which brings a strong emphasis on a deeper need for change, transformation and personal power.

Throughout their lives, however, if they can develop their self-confidence and overcome their fear of failure by understanding that no failure is a failure if you learn from it, they may just find that their novel ideas—combined with the iron will so artfully hidden behind their easy-going appeal—will not only help them outshine others, but make them influential agents of advancement and true progress.

Say yes to: Family values, good times, domesticity

Don't give in to: Loneliness, predictability, boredom

You share your birthday with: Shakti Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Jay Mehta, Isaiah Washington, Louis Sullivan, Alan Ladd, Kitty Carlisle, Memphis Slim, Mort Walker and Charlie Sheen.

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