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Birthday Horoscope for September 6

If your Birthday is September 6 and your Zodiac Sign is Virgo

Personal ruling planets: Mercury, Venus
Lucky colours: White & cream, rose & pink
Lucky gems: Diamond, white sapphire, quartz crystal
Lucky days: Friday, Saturday, Wednesday
Lucky numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60, 69, 78

Despite their best efforts to plan and organize their lives, people born on September 6 seem destined to be confronted by the unexpected. Nothing ever seems to settle into a comfortable routine for them and, although they this can make them feel anxious and fill them with self-doubt, deep down they would have it no other way.

After the age of sixteen until the age of forty-six these people will feel a strong need for partnership; after the age of forty-seven there is a turning point when the evaluation of their own personal power comes to the fore, and these are the years when they are likely to feel less anxious and more confident. The older they get, the more they are likely to believe that destiny plays a hand in shaping their lives, the situations in which they find themselves and the people they meet.

The upside of their belief in destiny is that they soon develop the ability to focus their creativity and intensity on the details of the present moment, which is the recipe for a happy life. They can also be incredibly supportive and appreciative not just of the present moment but of all the people in their lives, making those around them feel good about themselves. The downside is that not enough thought or energy is put into planning or preparing for what might lie ahead; they can forget that their thoughts, actions and behavior today also create their future.

With their energy focused on the present moment and their belief that no person, word, action, or situation is trivial or unimportant, these people are both compassionate and fatalistic. As long as they make sure that their tendency to think negatively does not attract misfortune, that their belief in destiny does not make them over-cautious and that their giving nature does not prevent them taking from others as well, they have the potential to become highly developed, expressive, progressive, and truly inspirational souls.

Say yes to: Respect, inner voice, career achievement

Don't give in to: Indecisiveness, impatience, emotional neediness

You share your birthday with: Rakesh Roshan, Yash Johar, Lafayette, Joseph P. Kennedy, Trina McGee-Davis and Tim Henman.

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