Aquarius Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Quick, Bright, Open
Weaknesses: Impatient, Erratic, Elusive
Interactive Style: Immediate, Unpredictable, Ungovernable
The Aquarius Boss Personality

My guess is there are more Aquarian employees than Aquarian bosses. The sign of the Water Bearer is one in which people are considered equal and no one gets to boss anyone else around. They are more comfortable organizing workers into a new union than barking out orders on a daily basis. Aquarians like to be free, and nothing spells prison like a rigid unchanging 9 to 5 day job. But if you do happen to be working for an Aquarian then you lucked out on a couple of levels. First off, this sign hates injustice. They will be scrupulous in all their dealings with you and will rise up to defend you if someone is treating you unfairly. Fairness and justice are key words for this sign so be sure you act with the highest level of integrity possible. They talk to everyone be it the CEO of the company or the janitor of the building. Their friendliness can be surprising if you are expecting someone to stand on ceremony. This is an air sign and don’t for one minute underestimate their sharp mind. Their mind may skip a few steps and go right to the bottom line, so keeping up with them mentally is not always easy. They will have some crazy, screwball idea that ends up making the company millions of dollars. The Water Bearer is always thinking a couple of steps ahead of everyone else. Their curiosity is legendary. Want to make some brownie points with your new boss – Share all your ideas for the business. They’ll listen to every one.