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Strengths: Inspiring, Dynamic, Trailblazing
Weaknesses: Unheeding, Stressed, Unaware
Interactive Style: Confrontational, Commanding, Blunt
The Aries Boss Personality

Most of you are not working for an Aries boss because Aries doesn’t like working in a group. They are some of the best entrepreneurs in the zodiac. They don’t like taking orders – period. They do much better on the giving end. If you work for an Aries they will drive you crazy changing their orders from one day to the next. The Ram is not always good at follow up so you may be slaving away at some report that they have completely forgotten about! Details and nit picking make them crazy so if you can take care of the details for them they will be eternally grateful. And they’ll let you know it. The Aries boss may love to take charge but they also believe in giving credit where credit is due. They want to shine sure, but they think there’s enough praise to go around and want you to get your share as well. Male or female, they will have no trouble telling you what they are thinking and may be pretty blunt about it. But they will be genuinely surprised at any hurt feelings. They don’t mean it cruelly. They will forget about it by the next day, so if you are the kind to nurse hurt feelings you may want to look around for someone a bit more tactful. But if you want to face something new every day and work in an atmosphere of excitement and spontaneity Aries is the one every time. If you want to make brownie points with your new boss take care of all those pesky details Aries hates.