Capricorn Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Dominant, Determined, Self-assured
Weaknesses: Insensitive, Unheeding, Stubborn
Interactive Style: Authoritarian, Commanding, Firm
The Capricorn Boss Personality

Capricorns get a bad reputation as far as bosses go. Granted they are not the easiest sign to work for. The Goat holds themselves to a high standard of performance and they expect the same of you. If you are out representing a Capricorn boss then your shoes better be shined, your make-up on and your tie straight. They will not tolerate a slovenly appearance. They are always impeccably dressed. A little formal perhaps but that’s okay. You can bet whoever thought up casual Friday, it wasn’t a Capricorn. Business is important. No matter how early you get to work chances are your Capricorn boss is already there. If you are the type to come in late and leave early believe me this boss notices. They may not say anything but come bonus time – don’t expect one. No Capricorn will ask you to work harder than they work themselves, but no one outworks a Capricorn so I’m not sure that’s much help. Doesn’t sound like much fun so far, right? But when these people recognize your work you will walk around with your head held several inches higher. A compliment from these people means something. They believe in recognizing excellence and rewarding performance. If you’ve contributed to the company’s bottom line, expect a nice bonus in your pay envelope. If you are in trouble they will surprise you with practical help and support. Want to make some Capricorn brownie points – Talk history to them. They have a secret interest in the past.