Gemini Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Lively, Communicative, Interesting
Weaknesses: Distracted, Superficial, Nervous
Interactive Style: Forward, Adaptable, Logical
The Gemini Boss Personality
You may not get as much work done as you think you would when your Gemini boss is around. Why? They are over at your desk talking. They love to talk. You are working for a master of words. And the better you can express your ideas the more they will like you. You can almost see the wheels turning in their mind. How much will this cost? What are the long-range benefits? Who is best person to fill this position? Their minds never turn off. Quick as a wink they go from one subject to the next and if can’t keep up woe to you. They talk fast and move faster. A Gemini boss may only come in one day a week but they’ll give you enough to keep you busy for two! If you like to do one think at a time, finish it completely and then think about the next, you may not be too happy with the sign of the Twins. They are thinking about at least two subjects and can give you orders on several different projects at once. Being scattered is something they fight all the time. Don’t expect them to stay behind a desk all day either. They want to be out moving around. Getting ahold of them can be challenging, as they are either out in the field or on the phone. They are BIG phone people. If you want to know what to get them as a gift buy the latest voice recorder or cell phone. Gemini loves gadgets. If you want to score brownie points with Gemini, help them focus on one thing through to completion. They will realize you are a gem.