Libra Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Popular, Charismatic, Likeable
Weaknesses: Conceited, Needy, Self-defeating
Interactive Style: Agreeable, Charming, Magnetic
The Libra Boss Personality

Don’t be fooled by your Libra bosses’ pretty face. Beautiful they might be but underneath that gorgeous bone structure is a quick mind and sharp intellect. They won’t bark out orders or rush around looking frumpy and harried. If you want to impress them, you will look good too. An attractive appearance will catch their eye and make you stand out. But you still better be able to produce the goods. It’s a mistake to judge Libra on the surface. People do it all the time and underestimate this sign to their eventual sorrow. Mentally they can be very tough about looking the truth in the face but they would never want to have to upset someone else with it. If bad news needs to be delivered Libra might do it so gently that it takes you awhile to realize you’ve just been fired. Want to see them suffer? Give them a decision with no clear answer. They will look at it, ponder it and question it six ways from Sunday as they try and find the right answer. Struggle they might, but when they arrive at their final decision it will be one that supports every department and receives kudos’s from upstairs. If the atmosphere in the office is tense or people are not getting along Libra simply cannot function. They hate disharmony of any kind. On the other hand they might be willing to shell out big bucks to redo your office once you explain you can’t concentrate with that ugly wallpaper. Want to make some brownie points – Dress to Impress.