Sagittarius Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Intuitive, Forceful, Quick
Weaknesses: Uncommunicative, Unclear, Unsympathetic
Interactive Style: Independent, Individualistic, Impulsive
The Sagittarius Boss Personality

The man or woman working for a Sagittarius boss doesn’t have time to read this article. In fact they pretty much don’t have time for anything. The Archer is happy on the move and they will keep you on the move as well. Sitting around a boring office all day drives them up the wall. That’s one of the reasons they make such good salespeople. The minute they meet you they connect with you. There is a kind of spark around this sign that just makes them fun to hang out with. Other people will envy you having such a great boss. Sag is great at closing the deal but getting the details worked out – that’s someone else’s problem. You’ll learn fast that details are not their forte. That’s where you come in. They are so busy with all the people and projects they are juggling that some things just get lost in the shuffle. You are not working for someone who enjoys nitpicking and being critical. But be careful about asking their opinion. Next to Scorpio Sagittarius is the most honest sign out there. Feelings can get hurt when he says “Yes, that dress does indeed make you look fat.” The sign of the Archer just doesn’t know how to lie well, if at all. You may have your work cut out for you trying to teach them tact. If you want to work for someone who makes each day an adventure, who brings a sense of excitement and wonder to the workplace then by all means work for a Sagittarius. Want to make some Sag brownie points – Keep track of all those pesky details for them.