Taurus Boss Horoscope

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Strengths: Stable, Attentive, Careful
Weaknesses: Bossy, Inflexible, Insensitive
Interactive Style: Concerned, Instructive, Explicit
The Taurus Boss Personality

Taurus is often found in a position of authority. They are willing to work hard for what they want. Extremely hard. And they don’t EVER give up. So it’s natural to find them at the top of whatever profession they have decided upon. In many ways they are easy to work for. The Bull is very comfortable in their routine. They like their coffee a certain way every day and they are going to be vaguely irritated if you put their mail in a new place on their desk. They want all their ducks in a row. If they are preparing for a meeting you can be sure they have all the facts documented six ways from Sunday. Almost all the Bulls display a sense of calm in the mist of chaos. Everyone else in the department may be running around franticly trying to do a dozen things at once but not Taurus. They hardly seem to be moving at all but manage to get more accomplished than three other people put together. If you are in a job that gets a fair share of crisis you definitely want a Taurus in charge. They are organized, capable and trustworthy. And best of all they are consistent. You can count on them having the same set of rules week to week and month to month. They are nothing if not dependable. If you want to make brownie points with a Taurus boss keep your head in an emergency and put together a calm plan of action. Believe me they will be impressed.