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Today's Capricorn Prediction

Everyday Capricorn Forecast : You may have to work hard during this period but will be unable to do so. Continuous hard work will tire you easily hindering your capacity to work.

Daily Capricorn Horoscope : There will be atendency to do bad deeds. You may be engaged in unscruplous activities. Ill health of parents may cause worries. Do not be rash while driving.
Tomorrow's Capricorn forecast

You will do extremely well in your business or profession. An expansion of business may also take place. During this period you will remain action oriented. Your keen observation and your sense of discrimination will make you learn more. Your relationship with superiors or authorities will definitely improve. Family atmosphere will be quite satisfactory. You may also go in for a conveyance. A good news from a far off place or places is also possible. An auspicious ceremony in the house may be celebrated.