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Today's Scorpio Prediction

Everyday Scorpio Forecast : Do not be impulsive. Take time over your decisions.You may suffer on account of wrong decisions. You will indulge in unnecessary expenses. There may be some bad news regarding business. Heavy losses are indicated. Care must betaken regarding health.

Daily Scorpio Horoscope : Maintain good relations with friendsor relatives as there is possibility of straining relations with them. Speculations must be avoided or else they may cause financial losses.
Tomorrow's Scorpio forecast

During this period, you will develop well ingrainedcommercial instincts. You will be practical discriminative and critical. You will work very methodically. You will be quite comfortable and general happiness will be there. Your action oriented approach will pay you in a big way. Family atmosphere will be harmonious. You will enjoy good relationships with your parents. You will be inclined to spend on luxuries. Communication will also bring good news for you. An auspicious ceremony could also be celebrated.