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Free Leo Forecast : You love to travel. You are likely to be very emotional and a bit unstable at times. You have a very keen imagination, but you should try to be more open and less self centred.

Free Horoscope for Leo : The Horoscope Leo predicts that will be an average year, which would be better than the year will advance.  You will become more positive and clearer in your thought once you in May . 
The period to the beginning of May will be the phase more difficult with the year.  Your reflection could be pessimistic coupled with complexes and a certain insecurity in Outlook.  Certain irrational decisions could emerge from this reflection thanks to which must avoid you the decisions or the important changes during this phase.  Period beyond 26TH January, would be difficult.  You must be prudent on what you to speak and to write, for it could return himself against on you. 
In accordance with the Leo Horoscope, the year will begin with your confused and car negative spirit to overcome the current thought.  Certain strategic decisions could be poor during this time, and you will understand the implication and the obtained clarity after May 2 .  It would be preferable to put back the important decisions to May and the period beyond.  You will have attempted to bring important changes of the career during this year.  It would be, nevertheless, be useful to avoid bringing modifications now. 
They will soon be able to rise above any depression they may have. Wherever they are they spread love & warmth. They love children. They are interested in sports speculation & music.