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libra horoscope and astrology prediction for man and women

Free Libra Forecast : The conjunction of venus and uranus gives you good charishma and makes you romantic. You may have unusual and original ideas about art and love. You will be independent and enjoy financial advantages.

Free Horoscope for Libra : In accordance with the Horoscope Libra, would be a positive year, that you will do the dynamic and living experience of an approach in the career as well as life usually.  You will be active, curious and ready to open new ways in life. 
It is time where you will live an expansion in the work, the finances as well as of a higher level of expenditures.  Of new timeliness and of freshness in various aspects of life will be present.  Beyond May 8, you will be able to find the possibility of a marriage or a durable novel.  Existing relations would be to go towards the engagement.  Of new partnerships could arise.