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The events which took place during the period ranging between August and May October brought dariesatic changes in your life and you to you made more active. December until January is one moment when you will undergo certain transformations emotional. During the winter until the beginning of Mars, it is preferable to spend more time with your beloved, the exchange of ideas and Charring emotional proximity.

April contributes to the reinforcement of your family relations. It is one good moment to make some changes in your house something of private individual for the purchase of your house with your partner.

In May you will be more flirtatious May and being tempted to seek for a new romance . The true feelings go you in September. If you plan a romantic voyage, the end of September is one ideal moment to pass with your partner. In November to pay attention not to break your promises or present May to lead to tended situations.

At the beginning of December, you have many new possibilities and to do a little important decisions concerning your future. The circumstances play a big role and this May not to be related to your relations. Although if you decide to marry you, you May to expect in the long run and stable marriage.