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At the beginning of, you will have probably to contemplate on the feelings left the previous year. You are likely to be more passive, on standby calls for unforeseen or of the meetings with your beloved a beginning of your relations once more. You natural activity will be with his weak and you miss energy. Most probably January will be a status quo in your love life, until February when you May to frequently answer your friends to obtain a help or councils.

In May Mars you are inclined at becoming more sincere and vulnerable, May which will lead to more intimacy between you and your partner. Some share over Mars, 8 you will realize that your plans must be modified - what will occur because of the new moon in Mars. It is preferable to begin new things at the beginning of April to open new possibilities for you. It will be the moment when major changes in the relations can occur. In May May to come you to the value from stability and durability above all. You will have positive changes in your family, dependant on the appearance of a novel member of the family or on an increase in the income.

If you are in the search of a new love, to take a voyage on second half of July. September will be the moment when you will have to pay more attention with your partner. This month will be filled of passion, although too much jealousy. Try to control yourself and be more patient. October and November are favorable for the voyages where you can meet somebody of interest. May also you want to make a request for a partner on line.

Be ready at the beginning of December when you can define plans important that the majority will come probably true.