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Be with the current of the events occurring over December 9 at the end of, date on which the new moon appears. It will be the moment when you can take a risk and to create your own scenario love.

In the middle of changes January will come and it will be to put a little new interests and the priorities for you. Venus Uranus aspects, Mars and Pluto indicate a radical change in your love life. Wait until surprises, new choices and new relations.

In February your relations become deeper when you must make a compromise. In Mars, you feel that you need for your partner or support, you will be tried to change your image, not to be in a race to take the initiative.

April is one moment when the love the fever is high May and you want to have a throw or to meet somebody on Internet. You will feel burst of energy, while your desires will be very simple, to reveal your true feelings. This May also to mean the end of the relations.

In May, you will try to reinforce the existing relations and to solve your professional problems. In June sexual your call to help you to gain the heart of the others and to move you ahead for the realization of your projects.

Mid-July, Venus is in Léo sign, one period during which you can define your plans to like the life. You will be extremely attractive at this period, the full one with energy and passion. Slow down in August when Mars and Pluto aspect shows to you the things from the different point of view. In May September to become less careful to you, while giving to your whims.

In other autumn May to handle your feelings and to cause you. You give a little rest of the love questions and to use your energy to solve other problems. In December, you will be again full with energy to answer any challenge and with the experiment the heights of emotions.