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Libras are impregnated of natural charm and to seek harmony. A new romance will begin in May November already when Venus form with the aspects of Mars and Chiron. Since beginning of the year of the changes concerning your family place will have. You want May to be left for another place or to modify something within your family circle. If you are starting a relation, you want May to set up a greater stability in it. February and Mars May-being full with surprised but they May to break your usual tide of the life.

Mood slope April will enable you to seek pleasures. March in Cancer pushes you to make decisions based on the emotions whereas Venus in the sign of the Aries indicates that you want May of the radical changes and intense emotions.

In May you have an good occasion to have a little rest and some feel the harmony. It is a good time for a romantic voyage. In May June to be to you inclined to reconsider to your past you May or to answer your ex-lovers.

Second half of September will be again revolving in your life. You can meet a person whom you love and this May relations have a great potential for your personal life. In October, you May to give more attention to the erotic side of you relations. Made attention in November, temptations are raised, whereas your reasoning May not to be also good at this time. In December all your dreams are carried out May and May to return account to you that all does nothing but start.