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As of the December beginning Scorpios will have much more possibilities in its turn on a new page in their life. You it feeling of insecurity May, but all the crises you face May will do nothing but more extremely return and prepare you for a new beginning.

Jupiter and Pluto in Sagittarius will contribute to the appearance of a new person to widen your horizons and to find shared interests. You May to reveal your hidden talents and to test you in another field. Venus in the fields of Pluto and Mars in February invites certain changes in your projects and you will need to make the things clear for your relations. The new moon over Mars, 7th is one moment of unexpected event and change, sudden changes of mood.

In April, you will be full with ambitions and May radical changes want. You May also to tend to become more jealous. In May, you want to give on the initiative and the right to choose with your partner. To take care from/to each other, which favors your relations. Changes will start starting from the beginning until mid-September. You will be more success than ever and your sexual energy will be with its apogee. Not to give promises in May December like you not to be able to respect. You magnetism will be increased during this period.