Leo Valentine's Day Horoscope

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The mood Moon is in cuddly Cancers and your house 12 of the Secrets on this special valentine day.  That could not put you in the mood more wide, but she is excellent for a private one, intimate evening in a place outside the way.  Instead of coming on the fort and sexy, it can be more comfortable to be soft and to stretch today.  Avoid putting you in a position where you feel the pressure to carry out.  You can be a generous and entertaining person knows how climb a romantic spectacle, but a more discreet approach probably you will suit better now.  Indeed, that seems to be the good moment to expose your vulnerability and to leave someone of other to reply to your needs for a change. 

The gift ideas for leo man and woman:

gift for leo men must certainly not be simple but important. A nice bottle of wine or liquor very fine . They love to show off what they own and then why not a nice watch wrist but it's brand I recommend it. Garments to wear must be very sophisticated and not widespread among others. Leo woman love the gold. I would tell you to give a nice him a bracelet, a collanna, earrings with this precious metal. They like to use a lot of lingerie but I recommend that it is fine with embroidery and special and unique.